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The Conference Venue

All scientific contributions will be presented in the virtual venue MeetAnyway. With its intuitive interface, it will support us in enjoying a pleasant and accessible conference. Its social features allow you to see who joined the keynotes, symposia, and talk sessions, to talk to poster presenters, and to comment on posters.You can also meet up with old and new colleagues in the multiple social rooms.

On Monday at 1pm during the lunch break, we have a special offer: Join the speed networking and get to know other TeaP 2022 attendees!

The event link for the TeaP 2022 conference is:

How to Sign up

You can already create an account in MeetAnyway now, however, you can only attend the event after receiving the invitation by email. You can then click on the link in the email or on the link above and will be able to select “Attend event“. You will be asked to sign up for a MeetAnyway account. Please fill in your details and click “Create Account“ (if you do not already have one). You will then receive an email with a confirmation code to verify your account.

To customize your profile, click on “Get started“ and upload a profile picture, and enter your affiliation (university or research institute) as the headline, substituting a name tag. Then click “Complete Profile“ to save your changes.

How to log in

Go to the event link for the TeaP 2022 conference (see above) and enter your email address and password that you set for your MeetAnyway account. Click “Log In“. You can then enter the event.

How to participate

In Meetanyway, you can navigate to the three conference days where you find in chronological order the keynotes, symposia, talk sessions, links to all social events that do not require a registration, and rooms for video calls in the coffee and lunch break.

Symposia and Talk Sessions

To join a symposium or session, click "JOIN". You will be redirected to a zoom link and might need to allow Zoom to open the meeting link.

Although a web version will be automatically installed when required, for a pleasant user experience, we recommend that you install the Zoom Desktop version.

In Zoom, please change your displayed name (Participants -> More -> Rename) in the following way: “First name” “Last Name” | “Your University”. To ensure that the TeaP conference resembles an in-person meeting as closely as possible, we highly encourage you to turn on your camera throughout the conference. You can raise and lower your hand by clicking on the "Reactions" button at the bottom center, and join the audio/mute/unmute yourself at the bottom left. Please stay muted while others are talking.

To leave a session, please leave the Zoom meeting (at the bottom right) and also click "Leave" in MeetAnyway.

Poster Sessions

The poster sessions can be accessed via the main menu. During the poster session, click on "Join this session" to talk to the poster presenter via video chat. You can look at the posters and click on the heart to show your appreciation for a poster, or write a comment at any time during the conference.


On Monday at 1pm you are very welcome to join the speed networking (in the Lunch Break), where you have 3 min with a random colleague. Further, there are various rooms in the coffee and lunch break slots in which you can video call old and new colleagues. Via the main menu, you can access the lobby with extra rooms for video calls.
Search other attendees with the people icon at the top right and start chatting with them via the paper plane icon. All your chats can be accessed via the speech bubble icon.


There are multiple options to contact MeetAnyway for technical and the TeaP 2022 organizing team for non-technical support.

  • Technical support with MeetAnyway
    • Via MeetAnyway: Click at the top right and chat with the helpful MeetAnyway staff.
    • Via email:
    • Via chat at
  • Non-Technical support
    • Via MeetAnyway: In the “Welcome” Area there is the Help Desk where you can join a video call for support.
    • Via email: